Juice Kaboos

" Organic – Gluten-Free – All Fresh – NO Concentrated Juices - Environmentally Friendly "

"We serve fresh fruit smoothies all year round. Sure it costs us more! But, that's what it takes to offer the best. In-season or off-season you can always count on us to bring you the best quality ingredients at most reasonable prices. Packed with vitamins and minerals our smoothies are guaranteed to enhance your active lifestyle. All our smoothies include one serving size of any Nutropep and an optional choice of fat-free frozen yogurt at no additional charge."

Power Smoothies

( Meal Replacement )

Liquid Lunch

Fresh banana + fresh mango + fresh papaya + coconut + our own papaya juice + lecithin + protein + sunflower seeds


Wheatgrass + spinach + fresh mango + blueberries + fresh apple juice + Spirulina + honey (optional)


Fresh banana + organic peanut butter + organic cocoa + fresh apple juice

Java Haba

Fresh banana + double espresso + organic soymilk + non-fat frozen yogurt

Acai Smoothie

Fresh banana + fresh strawberry + Brazilian Acai pulp + fresh apple juice

Pitaya Smoothie

Fresh banana + Pitaya fruit + strawberry + fresh orange juice

Chad's Special (Prenatal)

Fresh ginger root + fresh mango + fresh papaya + blueberries + baby spinach + organic soymilk + calcium + flax powder + agave

The Viking

Fresh mango + fresh kiwi + dried dates + blueberries + hand-squeezed OJ + whey protein + calcium

Custom Blend Smoothies

Choose any 4 fruit from the list bellow

Strawberry              Banana

Raspberry                Mango

Boysenberry             Papaya

Blueberry                 Apple

Kiwi                         Orange

Coconut                    Dates

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