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" Organic – Gluten-Free – All Fresh – NO Concentrated Juices - Environmentally Friendly "


We would like to thank you for your interest and welcome you to the section dedicated to your future with Juice Kaboose. First, let us share our vision of Juice Kaboose and what it is setting out to accomplish.

We have all heard or have experienced first hand, what a challenging task we all have in preparing our meals rich in nutrients and absent of all chemicals, hormones, and harmful trans-fats, cholesterol, and excess calories.

Even more difficult is to eat out in a place that serves wholesome, nutritious food in a clean and sanitary fashion. There is increasing worldwide concern about obesity in both children and adults. Poor nutrition has led to cardio vascular diseases, cancer, and all sorts of other illnesses that are simply preventable. Research after research concludes that eating fresh fruit and vegetables are a sure way to promote healthy living. Nevertheless, fast food restaurants, schools and even hospitals have simply ignored expert recommendation of healthy dietary guidelines.

Millions of people share our belief that for every greasy fast food place there need to be a sanctuary much like the Juice Kaboose. A place where you are confident whatever you buy is good for you. Every ingredient is fresh, unsweetened, unprocessed, and natural. Juice Kaboose intends to bring this message to every corner of the country. Health trend is catching on and we like to be there to facilitate it in one way we know really well. There is no better satisfaction than knowing that not only you can own a viable, profitable, and smoothly operated business; but also you are providing a much-needed service to your friends, family members and neighbors.

At Juice Kaboose we have developed a sophisticated system of operating a healthy fast food restaurant. Since 1992 we have been a leader in modern fresh fruit juice bar. The main attraction at the Juice Kaboose is specially formulated fresh fruit smoothies and vegetable juices. Couple that with healthy sandwiches and snacks and you have got yourself a business owner's dream. Unlike franchises who practically own the franchisee, we offer an unprecedented freedom and flexibility to potential Juice Kaboose owners. We allow new Juice Kaboose owners to run their business the way the see fit. We only play an advisory role to make sure that your business will continue to thrive. We provide licensing to all qualified individuals, partnerships, and corporations who would like to own and operate a franchise-like store without all the hassles of dealing with a franchiser.

Juice Kaboose stores are designed by professional designers and feature exciting color palette, unique logo, signs, and menu. However, all effort has been made to keep startup costs down and profitability up. Our stores are intelligently designed where they do not require a lot of square footage; they can be opened in virtually any location, and are geared to attract people of all walks of life.

The path to owning your very own Juice Kaboose can start today. You may have already found a place where you would like to open your store, or maybe you would like us to assist you in finding a location. Either way, we are here to help you all the way. Don't worry you need no prior experience in running a juice bar - we will train you. We will assist you in negotiating a lease for your store location. We help you with your tenant improvement matters. We will make sure you are completely ready to open your doors on that very first day, when you can call yourself a proud owner of a Juice Kaboose. Take your very first step by providing us with some information about yourself. Please, fill out the Prospective Juice Kaboose Owner Questionnaire. We will contact you as soon as we receive your inquiry. We will then be in a position to provide you with more detail information.

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